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I live with my husband by the water in south Devon, and love the countryside as well as the coast and estuaries.  Our time is split between Devon and our second home on the lovely island of Menorca where I do most of my reading.  I’ve always liked stories and remember being told off as a little girl for having a book at the dining table – a bit like iPads and children now.  I used to work in a busy city centre office in the north of England but ‘retired’ (aged 39) to a few years of sailing around the British Isles and to the Mediterranean.  This is when I really got into reading, and book swaps with other boats was always an exciting time wondering what I’d pick up next.

I belong to a local reading group which often has me reading out of my comfort zone, but I enjoy that it makes me read books I wouldn’t normally choose.  In 2018 I became the monthly book reviewer for Roqueta Magazine – Menorca’s English Speaking Magazine, and review a wide spectrum of books, typically six or seven each publication.

My reading choice is wide and varied and I’ll read most genres but I prefer mystery, psychological thrillers, and crime. Out of choice I wouldn’t pick up a zombie, werewolf, vampire or shape-shifter type of book but having read a couple of this style I did enjoy them – they’re just not my preferred book.

I pick up most of my paperbacks from charity shops, e-books from Amazon, a few through NetGalley and also directly from authors. I work my star rating pretty much like Amazon and Goodreads, with a five star rating being exceptional. There will be no one or two stars on this site; if a book is poor or very poor I would rather not leave a review. So, coupled with only reading books I know I will like, there will be a plethora of four and five stars.

Alice is my thirteen-year-old granddaughter who has a passion for books which exceeds mine!  She is a lively and intelligent girl, and is very excited to have been asked to review children’s books for my book blog.  If any authors would like Alice to read and review their children’s books, she would prefer a paperback copy and would be over the moon to be asked – see the ‘contact us’ page.​

Thank you so much for visiting my book blog.  I really hope that some of my reviews and story descriptions will entice you to read those books, and feel free to share any of the book pages with your friends on Facebook or other social media.

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