I Know You by Annabel Kantaria

Taylor, who is a complex, intense and manipulative character, has recently moved from California to Croydon and as her husband works, she is lonely and friendless. She joins a walking group and fixes her sights on Anna, another similarly aged woman who is also expecting her first baby – perfect friend material. More characters come into play as she joins a book club set up by one of her neighbours.

Interspersed through the chapters is an unknown narrator, a media stalker who knows intimate details which give creepy and sinister overtones throughout the book. We don’t know who is being stalked – it could be Anna, it could be Taylor – and I love that it keeps us on our toes wondering who is going to have their life devastated. This is a thought provoking read of what we give away about ourselves on social media. We trust our friends in what they see but what if one of your followers goes rogue?

I’ve read several books by Annabel Kantaria and I’ve enjoyed all of them. She’s a brilliant plotter and knows how to tell a rich, fulfilling and flowing story. She’s definitely an author I look out for.

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