Jungle Kings & Awesome Kindness

Authors Nancy King & Mary Jo Sterling and Illustrations by Cora Hays

Five Stars

Review by Angela

Jungle Kings

Jungle Kings is book one of a mini children’s series in which virtues, morals and friendship are the main theme. An enchanting story of an elephant calf, Bentley, who meets a lion cub, Carson, and they become friends and playmates. The parent and other adult elephants and lions are a different story, but the depth of friendship of the baby animals rubs off onto the adults.

Awesome Kindness

Awesome Kindness is a story of three zebras, two who are kind and playful and one who is bad tempered and a little bit mean. The two kind ones overlook the temper and meanness and still ask him to play with them. The story is a gentle way of letting children see how to overcome being bad tempered and join play with others without feeling embarrassed, and equally, being friendly towards someone who isn’t always nice.

The illustrations in both books are absolutely beautiful. They are full of colour and emotion and really add to the story, in fact they almost tell the story. Cora Hays is truly talented.

One thing about this book which I’ve not seen in young children’s books before is that certain words are printed in orange or blue. At the back of the book there is a Word Power page for the blue words, a bit like a dictionary for children, and Turning A Phrase for the orange words, which explains phrases like ‘time flies’, ‘butterfly kisses’ and ‘living in harmony’.

The second book in the series, Awesome Kindness, isn’t a story which follows on but is a continuation of jungle animals and their friendship. Each book can be read independently and in either order.


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