Gaby’s Angel by Janet Hoggarth

Four Stars

Review by Alice.

Gaby’s Angel tells the story of a girl called Gaby who loses her best friend. But when Emily comes back as her very own guardian angel, life is a whirl of sleepovers, makeovers and parties with mates. But Emily can’t stay in Gaby’s world forever – she’s on a mission to show Gaby that life is full of new possibilities.

Gaby's Angel

I really enjoyed Gaby’s Angel because it shows how someone dying can change your life forever but that, in the end, love and friendship are the things that matter most. My favourite character was definitely Emily (the angel) because she always sees the bright side of things even in a world of darkness. She’s also a very funny character to read about with her sarcastic sense of humour and her sassy personality.

I think that Gaby’s Angel was aimed at children from the age of nine to twelve years old as some of the content is a little mature and a little sensitive. There is a little bit of lubby-dubby content.



Janet Hoggarth


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