The Art of Hiding by Amanda Prowse


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The Art of Hiding is a stand alone novel (not part of any series) and is a beautifully written, very emotional story of loss, family coming together and seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

The Art of Hiding

Nina is watching her son, Connor, play rugby at his very expensive school. She’s a step away from the other parents because she doesn’t quite fit in. She has the stylish clothes and drives the right car but she isn’t one of them. At that moment, she gets a phone call from a hospital doctor informing her that her husband, Finn, has been involved in an accident and to get to the hospital right away.

Devastated Nina’s life starts crumbling around her. The place she calls home, the cars, jewellery – all of it, is a castle in the sky. With little more than the clothes she could pack in a box, she and her two boys flee to her childhood town, right back at square one with small pokey rooms and cast off furniture. But, she has her sister Tiggy living close by.

Nina and Tiggy learn a few home truths about each other and Nina’s sons, Connor and Declan, learn to live without the luxury of modern accessories. Life is hard, really hard, but Nina is strong and has to pull this off because she has two boys relying on her. There is an unwritten cloud of suspicion hanging over Finn’s accident and it’s interesting to see how much mother and son think along the same lines but neither will actually say it out loud.

Amanda Prowse has a lovely way of dropping values and morals into her stories and focuses on the importance of family, love and happiness. She puts life into perspective and her characters get to take a good look at themselves for what they have and what they are. Yes, there’s a lot of sadness and grief in this book but by the end there is a feeling of accomplishment and promise.

Amanda Prowse

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