Yesterday by Felicia Yap


From the initial ‘blurb’ and genre listing of psychological/thriller/mystery, I din’t expect this book to be fantasy/science fiction at all.


This is a world of mono’s and duo’s – mono’s remember just one day, duo’s remember two. Mono’s are inferior to duo’s. Mark and Claire are a mixed marriage; Mark is a duo and Claire a mere mono. The body of Mark’s mistress has been washed up on the river Cam and Claire initially suspects her husband might have something to do with her death. Hans is the detective trying to solve what he suspects is murder, by the end of the day. He needs to do this within a day because he is a mono but also needs to keep this fact from his duo colleagues.

I found parts of this book confusing and also I wanted to shout “What does it matter? all will have forgotten in three days time anyway” – only they didn’t seem to forget everything, which just added to my confusion of how all the mono/duo memories worked.

I can’t say it’s a favourite book for me, but will probably appeal to fantasy/sci-fi readers.

Felicia Yap



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