Sweaty and Pals by Mac Black


Review by Angela

Sweaty and Pals is a good fun read for children of around seven years and upwards to read for themselves, or for parents to read to younger school starters.

Sweaty and Pals

The illustrations are bright, funny and add more depth to the already interesting and amusing stories.  The chapters are set out at just the right length to read one at bedtime and each are a complete short story.

Derek ‘Sweaty’ Toozlethwaite doesn’t live with his mum and dad, he lives with his grandparents.  We don’t get to know why in this children’s book, you will need to read the later adult series to learn why and who his parents are.  In the first few chapters, we meet Sweaty’s ‘gang’ or playmates, and we learn how Derek got his nickname ‘Sweaty’ – and it’s not because he’s sweaty or smelly.  We see Sweaty having a few new experiences – starting school, going to the opticians and going with his friend to the hairdressers – all showing young children in a fun way that these are normal and exciting things to do.  There are chapters with morals, but not in an obvious way, and chapters of reasoning, like why you need to go to bed, even if you don’t feel sleepy.  But most of all, the chapters are fun filled and will be loved by young children.


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